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How to decorate wedding glasses by yourself

Wedding glasses are one of the main elements of the ceremony. If you decorate them by yourself, you will add great intimacy and symbolism to the celebration.
Design of the wedding glasses is diverse but there’s only one principle of doing it – various décor elements, such as lace, beads and flower petals are fixed to the outer side of the glass.
Take a photo of the glasses, that you decorated with your own hands, and keep this masterpiece in the family album, because the articles themselves are very fragile and can be broken by chance. Moreover, the decoration of natural flowers will soon lose its initial beauty.

 Necessary materials

It is not easy to stick something to the glass, that’s why use glue gun. Silicone, waterproof adhesives, PVA glue or superglue for glass, ceramics and cut glass are also good.  A perfect variant is cyanoacrylate superglue. The only disadvantage is that it leaves traces on the glassy surface, that’s why you should work very carefully. If the glue is still visible somewhere, you can remove it with a needle or solvent.  In order not to spoil an expensive glass, take an ordinary one for practice. Décor materials you can buy in a craft store.

Lace decoration of glasses

You should buy beautiful lace and decorate glasses as follows:
  1. Wind the lace around the glass and measure the necessary length.
  2. Add some extra millimeters and cut.
  3. Glue it to the glass.
  4. For stem decoration cut a piece of lace, baste it like a skirt and glue around the stem.
You will create a real craft masterpiece, if you add a bow. Moreover, the stem can be decorated with a ribbon, wound around it like a spiral. When your glasses are ready, take a photo immediately!

Ribbon decoration

You should take a ribbon, tie it in a bow and decorate with strasses, beads, flowers or grid. After that you should carefully stick the complete composition to the glass. It will look nice in combination with artificial leaves.


If you can paint, create a fanciful ornament on the glass and decorate it with beads.

Ribbon bud around the stem

  1.  Fold the ribbon in half.
  2. Baste it at the selvage and tighten the thread.
  3. Stick this ribbon around the glass, concealing the seam with the bud.

Decoration with flower petals

Take an artificial flower apart and glue the petals on the glass in the form of a flower. Decorate it with beads.

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